Condition Monitoring from Sensor-Works

Condition Monitoring

Even the most thorough & comprehensive routine maintenance program cannot stop faults developing in machinery. Worst-case scenario is that faults lead to unexpected failures before your next scheduled maintenance outage.

Condition Monitoring puts you in the driving seat to actively prevent breakdowns and optimise maintenance resources where and when they are needed. It makes you able to assess the health of a machine by periodic monitoring and analysis of data obtained during operation trending the results against levels of acceptability. Efficient, non-intrusive to the production process and with the proven potential to save thousands of pounds in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance – Condition Monitoring is the proven, preventative maintenance approach for early fault detection and prevention in all types of production machinery.

Condition monitoring provides detailed information about the health of plant machinery, alerting maintenance personnel to when components or lubrication starts to deteriorate so that preventative maintenance can be appropriately scheduled to avoid costly downtime and expensive emergency repairs.

The benefits of such a highly-sophisticated, prognostic maintenance tool are that it can be employed to not only recognise developing faults within a machine, but to identify factors within a machine that will cause these faults to develop in the first place.

The bigger picture is that a combined technology approach can be utilised to dramatically increase machine operating life, productivity and ultimately, business profitability.

Contact us we are condition monitoring professionals, able to discuss your individual maintenance and engineering requirements and offer solutions for implementing condition monitoring work or managing a reliability focused maintenance strategy.