Why Choose Sensor-Works?

albainnovationcentre1Sensor-Works specialises in the design and development of intelligent, wireless sensors for industrial applications. The integrated Sensor Engine Technology (iSET), developed by Sensor-Works, allows us to provide a flexible variety of sensors for the most common industrial measurement tasks. iSET can be easily customised and optimised for particular sensor types and applications, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Devices can be operated stand alone, or be integrated within existing or new equipment.

The iSET sensor is a new and powerful tool for industrial measurement and monitoring in a wide variety of industries. Its price and performance set it apart from other, more traditional offerings and allow cost sensitive applications, which would otherwise be prohibited with existing devices.

Sensor-Works strives to ensure that its customers can rely on regular improvements and enhancements to an ever expanding product range. Customers can thus remain competitive and financially successful through a partnership with Sensor-Works, providing a broadening range of products and services to their own customers.

In addition to working on in-house projects, Sensor-Works undertakes collaborative development projects. The company has a wealth of industry experience supported by specialists within their field. Products are fit for purpose in hazardous and rugged environments and provide innovative solutions to industrial measurement challenges.
We believe that we understand the needs of our industry and by combining this with high calibre engineering skills we are able to develop new and better solutions for our customers.

Sensor-Works typical markets include shipping, power generation, transportation, petro-chemical and aerospace. The company services these markets on a global basis with regional support partners around the world.
The company is based in Livingston, Scotland where it carries out product development and manufacturing. It markets products under its own name as well as providing badge-label products for larger, global organisations.