A Health Monitor for Machines

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Best In Class Battery Life With Low Energy Bluetooth Technology

Sensor-Works latest product is the BluVib wireless machine condition sensor. Measuring both vibration and temperature data, the Machine Condition Sensor combines a sensor, data collector, data analysis and low power wireless communication into a compact, self-powered housing.

Data are transmitted using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Power standard in order to optimise and extend battery life. Multiple BluVib sensors can communicate with a gateway device (BluGate), which enables connection to a wired Ethernet network. Alternatively, each sensor can communicate with any mobile computing device with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows data to be collected on a pre-programmed route, in situations where a network connection is undesirable or unavailable. For ease of use and to make data analysis simple and straightforward, BluVib is supported by BluTrend, a software package that provides the core functionality of an on-line monitoring system such as trending, alert/alarm indication and full analysis capability.

BluVib, BluGate and BluTrend combine to produce a powerful machinery monitoring package that is low-cost, quick to install and easy to use. They are used primarily in process industries where common applications are monitoring of motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes etc. The devices provide overall values of vibration, bearing condition and temperature (often referred to as process variables in the industry) as well as high resolution spectra of vibration and bearing envelope. BluVib also has an on-board demodulator function for bearing envelope detection.

Work on the move. Stats on Display.

As ease of use and integration into existing systems is a necessity, the device mounts, via a screw thread, directly onto the machine which it is monitoring. In addition to BluTrend, the hardware is supported by additional software to enable straightforward interfacing with customers own, or third-party, monitoring and asset management systems.

Vibration & Temperature Condition Monitoring

There are many potential applications for condition monitoring systems. From Green energy, food production, military operations, and IBM systems to transport systems, condition monitoring is finding its way into the most important global industries. Not only can it help minimise costs and wastage, like with temperature monitoring systems in large food manufacturing and storage facilities, but it can help us fix issues before they pose serious risks, like with military and transport applications.

One of the greatest benefits of our wireless sensors and wireless monitoring systems is that they can be customised depending on your unique needs.Wireless sensors can help you assess the impact of potential breakdowns and machinery faults so that you can anticipate large-scale issues. Ultimately, this will help you grow without taking unnecessary and potentially dangerous risks.

Wireless monitoring is the way forward when it comes to safe and sustainable business. By increasing the lifespan and durability of key machinery, our wireless systems and maximising production output, condition monitoring is a fool-proof way to increase ROI and dependability. With tightening production schedules and intricate supply chains becoming increasingly common, this is more important than ever.

However, that’s not all. With our innovative Condition Monitoring Software, we provide you with all the relevant information and data you need to stay on top of your operations. Not only does this increase your visibility, but it helps you optimise your workflows and maintenance schedules, bringing more efficiency into your business.

Contact us today for more information about our wireless sensors and condition monitoring systems. As condition monitoring professionals, we are able to discuss your individual maintenance and engineering requirements and offer solutions for implementing condition monitoring work or managing a reliability focused maintenance strategy.