Smarter Sensors. Make Machines Go Farther.

Our power generation solutions benefit the coal-fired, nuclear, combined-cycle, hydroelectric and wind turbines among other plants. From software that helps customers identify problems before they arise to hardware backed by Sensor-Works, our solutions help maintain plant asset integrity and mitigate costly shutdowns.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are becoming established as an economically viable alternative to fossil-fueled power generation. Wind farms consisting of hundreds of units are now adding a significant amount to world generating capacity. As the size of wind farms continues to increase, business economics dictate careful asset management to minimise downtime and maximise availability and profits. Sensor-Works provides solutions that help to optimise wind farm performance.


Hydroelectric power generation, due to its non-polluting process with no heat or noxious gases release, is a cleaner solution offered globally. Using our deep knowledge of machines, Sensor-Works helps to solve the problems of industry by driving efficiencies. Sensor-Works control, condition monitoring and software systems provide intelligent solutions that help fuel the hydroelectric industry.