Everything You Need All In One Place

The petrochemical industry continues to expand as the increase in shale gas fuels the growth of feedstock and as global project developments continue to ensue. Sensor-Works provides expertise in these applications that demand efficient operations.

Asset Health Management

Your petrochemical facility operates 24/7. Sensor-Works provides automated and remote monitoring capabilities that avoid the need for manual measurements. Our advanced monitoring solutions improve the reliability of turbines, compressors, motors, generators and other critical machinery. We apply optimal technology based on asset criticality. Our capabilities allow you to monitor and protect critical machinery, prevent unplanned shutdowns, and improve reliability.

Operational Efficiency

Monitoring and protecting your assets is crucial to operational efficiency. Sensor-Works provides diagnostic solutions that support predictive and decision-making capabilities. Our diagnostic tools can be paired with our products to provide predictive asset management and remote monitoring diagnostic capabilities. Our goal is to maximise the reliability and availability of plant assets through greater predictability.