Condition Monitoring Partners

sensor works partnersSensor-Works is looking for opportunities to collaborate with academic or industrial partners in order to further develop and enhance the exciting technological capabilities and market reach of its Sensor-Works system. If this is an opportunity that interests you or your clients please contact the company.

We are also fully open to the prospect of a joint venture with a company wishing to be involved with this innovative technology.

For those customers who need additional functionality or integration, we offer the flexibility to let our partners customise or build a solution on top of our system.

It is our vision that these partnerships will lead to even better total solutions that bring more value to our joint end-customers.

Our Partner Programme offers third-party vendors fully-open integration with our solution, enabling you to greatly enhance the value that your products and solutions deliver to your customers.

Partner types

Independent hardware vendors

Every kind of hardware can be given a competitive edge through integration with our interface. We promote our product to enable development of new applications that enrich data from other hardware in the product.

System integrators

Software and hardware created for the platform seamlessly integrates with other technologies and can communicate easily with each other. This opens up incredible new possibilities for system integrators, who can find the functionality they need in Sensor Works and easily integrate new systems that meet specific customer requirements.

Solutions providers

Solution vendors, service providers, turnkey solution providers and value-added resellers (VAR) that partner with us can find everything their clients need. Once the functionality of the solution has been specified, providers can easily deliver a vertically integrated solutions.