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Sensor-Works Condition Monitoring System

Sensor-Works Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets advanced wireless sensors and value-added solutions to improve the monitoring of industrial machinery.

The company offers a wealth of expertise and class leading products that represent the best available solutions to industrial measurement requirements.

With a firm understanding of the technical issues and challenges involved in condition monitoring applications, Sensor-Works can apply knowledge and skill into a wide spectrum of applications, for both domestic and international markets, to produce the right product, tailored to meet the specific challenges of the customer’s application. To complement our core design capabilities, Sensor-Works can also provide customised product configurations.

Designed for rapid installation and integration into existing monitoring systems, the products allow the adoption of new sensor technologies as part of an overall reliability management strategy to ensure maximum efficiency and availability of equipment. The net result is minimisation of unforeseen breakdowns, reduction in costly downtime and saving in maintenance bills.

Remotely monitor the health of your critical machines with Industrial IoT technology

  • Increase efficiency

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Reduce unplanned downtime

  • Improve decision making

  • Support regulatory compliance

  • Maximise return on assets

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